Spiritual Orbs- What are They?

Spiritual Orbs are ghosts that are represented in the form of balls of light.  The spiritual energy of ghosts that live in a different realm of existence can and has been seen by many people who walk among us.  Spiritual orbs normally travel in groups and are thought to be the soul of a human or another life form that once lived in this dimension.

Spiritual orbs are believed to live in the next lifetime.  The spirit world is walked by many but some do choose to stay stuck in the in between.  These spirits have a hard time entering the spirit world because they may have unfinished business or just be too attached to their surroundings to leave.  In this world, we would call these people crazy.  Most spirits are more than happy to cross on to the spirit world.

When you visit a psychic, and they are speaking to the spiritual orbs that surround them.  They talk to the orbs regularly to find out things they wouldn’t otherwise know.

Ghost hunters also frequently come across spiritual orbs as they go about their business.  They often are caught on film as a bright solid form of light.  They are actually quite photogenic if they choose to show themselves for whatever reason.  However many spiritual orbs never want to be seen so they stay transparent.  Many people find spiritual orbs in their photographs when they had no idea they were even present at the time.  This normally makes a believer in someone who previously didn’t believe in ghosts.  Depending on the various elements around you, you may find spiritual orbs in quite a few of your photographs.

Spiritual orbs most often show up as a form of light because it is the easiest form of energy for them to generate.  There are other ways they can show up depending on how much static electricity is in the air.  The winter months normally makes it easier for a spiritual orb or ghost to show themselves to you.

It’s important to remember that spiritual orbs and ghosts can be two different being altogether.  Spiritual orbs can keep all of the same thoughts and emotions that they had in this world where a ghost cannot.  Spiritual orbs are only going to contact you if they are permitted to do so.  They can give messages to you and to your psychic if they are asked to do so.  However, they are rarely detected by the same measures that ghosts are.  The reason for this is thought to be that spiritual orbs have a finer spirit tissue that isn’t as easily detected like ghosts are.

Many believers think that every person has a spirit that is assigned to guide you throughout your lifetime.  These are not to be feared as they are like a guardian angel for you.  You may never know of their existence or presence in your life unless they have a special reason to let you know they are there.